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peer 41 vessels can dock simultaneously and ensures that vessels depend and arrive on time shively and efficiently and this is important as a lot of passengers rely on the vessels for work. and there is an under ground 10,000-gallon fuel contagious critical in an emergency as we are able to store fuel there for ten days of continuous prayings in 2012, peer 41 is expected to generate $8.2 million in sails and $65 million in rent to the port. blue and gold excursion and rocket boat services operate from pier 39 and there are four births at pier 39 which can be used for some of the smaller vessels $622,000 will be paid to the worth port from revenue
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generate from this facility: we just signed a fooive year least with the port for pier 19. these are critical for our operations. there is a welding shop, machine shop, storage for spare parts and equipment need today make repairs there are two docks where both can be excused while repairses are made or to lay up while they are not in operation and blue and gold is expected to pay the port one $55,000 in rent in 20 if we will 20/20 12 for our pier nine facility. while ala media and oakland services use gate e. blue and gold operates ferries from value
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layer row and allay media to at&t partial and this service has been incredible pap more he especially this year with the giants success. in january blue and gold was awarded the water transportation authority contract under this contract we operate ferries to value layer row and ala media and so fraction and we work with the w ta to not only bring terminals to the ferry building but passengers to pier 41. this is a huge opportunity for blue and gold fleet and we have the personality, expertise to fulfill all of the obligation and responsibilities of the contract. p in total. blue and gold is projected to pay
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one.twoi w2 million-dollar to the point. a growth of 20% infinite ferry market and eight% in the excursion market and we are prat proud of our complicates and could not have done it without the hard work and loyalty of our employee and is in the next five years we feel that ferry rider ship has tremendous potential for growth with the support of wetta the industry will see significant growth in ferry operations in expansion of roots and services the company is always on the lo -- will be good for blue and gold, their employees and the port. >> thank you. >> thank you. we have a custom comments captains ray ship link. and then lynn day
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how ford. i'm captain ray ship lang with the pilots you know and i represent the captains and deck hands engineers box office, and i would like to defer to my sister from the ellen bowman engineer because that is my upbringing but i am looking forward to the hard water and the bourbon. if you would look to step up first, and i'll -- are you sharing your time? >> no, i'm -- well she has her own time go ahead and finish. i mean it's up to you. >> well you know, i would like to defer as a gentlemen yeah, the only problem with that captain is it gets us in trouble with the rules of oord. >> well i do not want to get you or myself into any trouble. >> that you for your cortiliness so i'll be brief i'm hire to represent the members that
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work at the blue and gold and i would also like to say that normally we come over to the commission andcal welcome thank you for the welcome but we normally come here to ask you for something or complain about something and it's really nice to come here to complies our gratuity tied for recognizing our wonderful work on the water front and the longevity of the blue and gold here and from my perspective i have been in my particular position with the you know for the last 15 years and i i can tell that you this is the best company that i have on the bay with regard to our union partnership with the company blue and gold invests in their people have a history of promoting from within and work with our sister you know to ensure that the promotions come from their you know as well and we love the in-house training and this is a very diverse
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company and we enjoy the way that it comes together as far as that is concerned. and so with that, i'll say thank you but i would like to introduce laura smith who's here as a captain from blue and gold to represent the rest of the captains from blue and gold and thank you very much. >> thank you. linda? and then [name?]. >> hello commissioners, i'm a residental of san francisco since the 60's i went to school here, and i have been with as a deck hand since 19 suffix, i started out with red and white fleet and then now since the blue and gold fleet. i'm also a member of the inland boat man's you know and part of the whole scheme i am now apparently, i
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am now doing tib ron, angel island and sauce leet toe and so i see the commuters at tib ron which i'm fond of and the tourists at sauce leet toe and the tourists from angel island and we have finally recovered from the loss of the alcatraz ferry and when -- refused to hire any of our m m p i'm sorry because we have a great staff here and i would like to tell that you blue and gold is really a good company to work for. thank you. >> thank you. (applause) . >> winter and then ben weber.. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm here as a
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member of the inland boat man's you know just recently obtained seniority with blue and gold neat although i have worked with other companies all over the san francisco bay, i primarily stay with blue and gold fleet because they have offered the most training, the most opportunity for work as well as great wages. i plan on staying there and growing with them the company. i'm not i'm going to hopefully one day obtain my captain's license, they are a wonderful company to work for and i again plan on staying with them. thank you. thank you. (applause) . >>. >> good afternoon commissioners i appreciate you take the toying ittime to listen
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to us from the blue and gold fret fleet and i have been with the fleet for seven years and have worked for all of the ferry services on the bay and blue and gold is the finest from the captainses to my fellow deck hands it's a pleasure and an honor to "go to work for them everyday thank you. >> thank you. >> marina sack tan know. commissioners, thank you for the opportunity to speak, first, i just want to say thank you captain ship ling that was great and secondly, i want to say, i think carol morgan's presentation was excellent, i couldn't have done it better i can't think of anybody who would have because she same came from the ground floor up and was able to present a full picture of
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what the operation is for us, it's our life's blood before it was blue and good it was red and white fleet. they have had the same location and have really positioned themselves to perform you know, the biggest ferry company short of the washington state ferry service and i think it's an accomplishment to be able to do that and along the road, we have become great partners, we have had some tough types and have been here during those tough times and i want to acknowledge bob macintosh because during those tough times he was there supporting us and doing whatever is necessary to survive the transition from the loss of the alcatraz. and going forward, it has been great that they got the w ta contract there is no company that i think could do a better job. i'm really proud to be able to stand here
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as you know representative that weapon we have a great relationship and that our members are safe and working for this company, they get great benefit and jobs. the reason we all came out today is because there is so many times when he when we don't really have the opportunity to stand up for our company and assist them as they develop and this last year we saw the numbers of employees agree on our side almost doubled and that is really a contributory responsibility to their commitment, dedication and the good operation that they run and pier 41 facility, i think if you seen it lately, it's really transformed into you know, a beautiful facility and very vibrant and you know, i'm just very happy to be here and say that you know, i can't think of another company that would serve
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the port as well. thank you. >> thank you. (applause) . >> is there any i public comment? seeing none,. >> first of all,, i would like to say that blue and gold it's really glad that you came out today into the brother and is sisters of i m p and you know that you came out but you know this whole thing is beginning because the port of the part port of san francisco is changing it's going through a renaissance, i would like to say the port of san francisco under the leadership of monique has a new swagger to it and if you think 6 million people -- browse what is happening with the water front is it's still going to be the same it's really changing the perplexity and the way that strainings is going to be viewed worldwide what is going to happen down
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here is will set the whole bay area for the next 30 years and i couldn't be more excited and i'm really looking forward to a ferry from treasure island and if it's possible to deal with the war i can't remember i can't remembers coming lieu and i think so many things are going to happen and i think more people are going to go use ferries and water taxi and is i think this is going to be great and this is visionary what is happening, you have got to dream big and the way that san francisco is going to look is going to set the staining for the younger general reaction and is i'm really excited with the energy and what is going going to happen so i just wanted to share that, thank you. (applause) . >> i just want to reiterate commissioner adams comments and thank everyone for coming out and for the presentation it's nice to hear from people that
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are at the port and we always hear when thing are going wrong and so it's nice to hear when things are going well and it's also a wonderful opportunity to hear from people that are working with our tenants and what they are doing here at the port so thank you all for presenting today. (applause) . >> i also want to thank all of you for coming to the and sharing this experience with us i want to thank commissioner add daps for requesting this informational presentations and i look forward to the next one because we don't get to hear about the wonderful thing going on along the water front much. and really this has been a banner year for the port. under the leadership of director moyer and our staff, they have done a phenomenal job. i mean with america's cup, exploratory the warriors the giants you name it and they have just stepped up to the plate and they have done a phenomenal job and so since
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this is our last meeting of the year, i just want to thank our staff thank you. plast. >> well on behalf of all of the hard working staff of the port, thank you it's been a long time coming and we have been in support of the commissioner along the way and our partners along the city and so thank you for that acknowledgement but please take some of it back. >> thank you. thank you everyone. items from the consent cal lar item eight a to award construction contract 279 electrical service upgrade to an builders incorporated in an amount not to intercede $2,849,999 in a kin semi-cy of 10% for a total authorization
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not to exceed then $71,049 and item b requests a no cost ten years license with golden gate auto -- society to install and maintain imported soil and plants with the upland area and the earn portion of sea wall at pier 53. can i have a motion to approve the consent items. >> motion comment. seeing none, all in favor? aye resolution 1292 and 12 knee have been a moved. >> item nine a first amendment too leafs one 48 one four with a california corporation operating an indoor out door casual dining restaurant located at taylor street through december 2019.
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good afternoon commission nears senior property manager i'll like to describe to you what i'm asking your approval for, give you a brief overview and tell you about the benefit associated with this and give you a brief background and then talk a little bit about the port retail leasing port policy that allows us to proceed on this and so i'm hear here to request the approval of the first amendment as read by the commissioner secretary. this is for an extension of the andre bow din least [spelling?] located in the octogon building there in fisherman's whof and they are offering to extend it in exchange for capital improvements and return 50,000 per year com additional renne and improve the visitor
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experience at the who have and take advantage of the new plaza that we just completed and pier prom iniad and [spelling?] and they are essential to the positive experience of the whof is the improving of the bathrooms and the background of least in december 2010 the port staff came to the commission to request approval for a seven-year least with andre bow dean backto renovate the octogon building and that was approved here by the commission and then they proceeded ahead and invested over $350,000 into that facility and really improving the functionality of it and it was an area that allowed visit
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to sit and enjoy out door, indoor enclosed area of the elements and in addition, to that, they they were it really improved the sales to the facility and so we went to the last twee month reporting period. they were able to generated one .5 million mld into this facility and that trans late to one sny thousand dollars of rent to the port and that is a portion of it through the base rent and then they genre almost $97,000 of additional percent anal rent by making this investment so, they are now proposing to do the same, if you will and what they are asking for is an additional steenings to help recould you please that investment. so they made an investment, they want to make an additional investment. they have been a good partner
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here of the port and so for that , they came back and requested a longer term extension, we felt that to be fair and consistent with what had been approved previously, we went -- they asked for a five-year extension, we came and backed it down to a two-year extension to make it a seven year term and so if this is approved they would have a seven year term to recoup the investment that they would like too make and we have site the port retail investment policy under your staffing report under which you can make an exception to the bidding retail leasing opportunities under the following conditions the tenants is in good standing so bow dean is [spelling?] so they have consistently reporting their obligations in a timely manner and reporting all of
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their duties under the lead and there has been no issue with them in terms of least obligation they have a good community partner. number 210 inapt is committed to making a significant invest in the leasehold which will benefit of the port. well we have seen that happen before and they are doing the same a $350,000 investment we consider that significant. they are taking an under utilized piece of the -- if you look at it, it's an octogon so we have h i ask so eight sides and this they are taking the least used sign and put it in a new dinings and beverage service and so we think that is significant and there will be for that, then there is going to be generating roughly $350,000 of additional revenue to the port. so $350,000 investment and $350,000
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potential return and no rent credit or rent abatement is being offend. so, number three, the benefits of the direct negotiations out weight the competitive bidding well we think there are significant public benefit to this so we are improving our visit visitor experience, we also have they are going to commit to keeping the public rest rooms even, and clean and supervised which, is essential to a positive visitor experience in the whof and so with that i kindly request your approval. thank you ask i have a motion? >> motion to accept second. >> is there any public comment on this item? commissioner any questions or comments? seeing none, all in favor? >> aye resolution 1294 has
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been approved. >> tim nine d is to request to enter into expwhreurve with barbecue of llc., the most-who issued for 2012 for a retail restaurant least and develop of the restaurant site. >> commissioners good afternoon i'll be brief i'm here asking your permission to engage in exclusive negotiations with the most qualified respondent to the rfp request for proposal for the operation and renovation site located at terry france soy and the qualified restaurant operators who had who would be able to operate the restaurant and renovate the restaurant and
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provide the highest return to the port of san francisco and in the rfp we set no monthly represent but instead proposed that the submittals included a proposed monthly rent. we did also annual adjustments we did require a minimum of seven% of all gross sales be included. the construction period in which no rent is paid, may be may have been plopsed the minimum least term would into the exceed 15 years however we were open to respondents proposing option extensions. the again the port's objective was to select the most qualified respondent with the ability of finances design to construct and operate the restaurant on the site we received four proposals the first were both barbecues of s
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f and s f california tribes attach and walk-in brews san francisco it was determines that the rockship bruce was not -- to the proposal and the summary is in the different areas of scoring. again, the i have included a summary of the scoring the written proposals and the interviews we chose to interview 33 of the respondent as a result of the scoring and review by the selection committee port staff is requesting and recommending that you authorize or the port staff to negotiate with bows
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barbecue and bows meets the compatibility for a restaurant operator and boast has demonstratedded the restaurant development process which, is key in working with the port. bows was named many' wards rnlts having @s, top restaurant barbecue 12 and san francisco restaurant named bows one of the top restaurants in the bay area for years and sunset magazine named bows one of the top ten best bar could yous in the west of 2012 what is the concept. family style restaurant, open plan, covered patio,s jazz and blues at night, barbecue, and let me see ... by approvalling this, we are not approving a leasehold for bows all you are delegating
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the authority to sit down with bows and negotiate for 60 days and hopefully arrive at an equitable least between the port and bows barbecue. neck steps next steps if you indeed authorize me if negotiate we anticipate that could take a month to put the least together and we would be back to you with the term and conditions of that least for your approval and following that, we would anticipate going to the board of supervisors for approval and a commencement date optimistically pep; february, march -- very optimistic. and i'm happy to answer any of your questions i'm requesting your authorization to negotiate. >> thank you is there any public comment on this item?
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first of all, i would like to say i appreciate the hard work here with the due dates and with the fact that we had four companies that put in and you chose this and so i'm pleased and i can definitely support this justice has been done. >> thank you just one question. could you tell us what the other proposals were? sure. well the first one rock and brews the most interesting part of that is i can't even similar mondays of quiz kkiss was one of the partners and that is as much as i can say it was not a responsive in -- i won't go into detail. stripes, tavern restaurant, first i'll add and i'll backup and say that the three respondents were very good if we had three opportunities, i
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would love to be able to do three deals with all of these so they were all high quality respondents and the teams were all very high quality. stripes tavern, kind of the difference is they are proposing sick thousand month in minimum represent and seven% of grows sales, capital investment of 750 to 850,000 compare that to s f rent being 5,000 a month, three% annual scalelation seven% of gross sales a rent credit of $340,000. and an investment ...

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